Super Dungeon Master VX: Quest for the Firestaff

Oh boy here we go.

A game based off Dungeon Master (1987) rebuilt in RPG maker, what could go wrong?  putting aside possible copyright infringement, we sink our teeth into this game, which is honestly.. just not very good, the fact it isnt Dungeon Master takes away all nostalgia you may have felt, the overwhelming scent of RPGMaker also takes away from the quality feel of the game, in blunt terms 90% of people hate RPG maker games for good reason, they all look and control like complete garbage.

Dedication in Abundance, quality in short supply.

The dev put a lot of work into making these assets, normally RPG Maker games are anime style affairs, this game does look true to the 8bit style of the era, sadly everything from map design to mechanics are awful, very much standard or sub standard RPG Maker content.

Worth a play?

Its free, so no risk involved, personally I don’t see it as something for 95% of the gamer population, but maybe you will be one of those 5% who enjoy it.

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